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    We, at SSL, advise our valuable clients to carefully read the information mentioned hereunder and also refer to the links provided hereunder such as System Requirement, User Manual, Terms of Use, Terms and Conditions, Rules and Regulations, Disclaimer etc. before logging in to the trading portal:
  • BTST Trades: In case of Inter-Settlement square off trades (squaring off the purchase position before receiving the delivery of shares from the Exchange) by clients, losses on account of Auction / Close-out due to non receipt of shares from the Exchange, shall be borne by the client.
  • Trading in ‘T’ & ‘TS’ Group (Trade to Trade Group) Securities: In ‘T’ & ‘TS’ group scrips, the buy and sell positions are to be settled on gross delivery basis on each side and netting off is not allowed by the exchange. In view of the above & as a Risk management measure, Intra-day transactions in T & TS group scrips are not allowed on online trading platform.
    Click here 'T' Group Scrips to see the shares listed in these groups.
    1. Client can purchase the shares in these group scrips only on delivery basis. However, sell against the purchases made during the day is not allowed.
    2. Client can sell the shares in these group scrips only to the extent of quantity of shares available in client's designated demat account.
    3. In other words, client will have to take the delivery of shares purchased during the day and will have to deliver the shares sold during the same day. Shares purchased during the day cannot be sold on the same day.
    4. Further as a Risk management measure, BTST trades in these group scrips are not allowed.
    5. Losses arising out of transactions done by client including losses incurred on account of auction/close-out due to non-delivery of shares will be borne by the client.
  • Trading in ‘Z’ Group Securities: SHCIL Services Ltd. (SSL) reserves the right to allow or deny trading in ‘Z’ group securities. Since the shares listed in this group is prone to the risk of delisting or liquidity problem, both buying and selling of shares listed in ‘Z’ group has been disallowed to clients. Click here ‘Z’ Group Scrips to see the shares listed in this group.
  • Trading in Illiquid Securities: As per directions of SEBI, Exchange draws up the list of illiquid securities based on criteria jointly agreed between BSE, NSE and SEBI and make it available to the trading members on a monthly basis. Click here List of illiquid Securities to see the shares included in this list.Clients are advised to exercise due diligence while trading in these securities as client may not be able to square off his purchase position due to liquidity crunch in these securities.

  • SSL System Requirements: Contains information for clients about basic requirements (computer and internet) to be made available before using the Online trading platform.

  • User Manual: Contains information for clients about basic requirements (computer and internet) to be made available before using the Online trading platform.

  • Terms of Use: Contains the Terms and Conditions of Use of website of SHCIL Services Ltd.

  • Terms and Conditions: Contains the Terms to be agreed by the client before availing the facilities and information pertaining to SSL Online Trading.

  • Rules and Regulations: Contains information about the Rules and Regulations that govern the relationship between SHCIL Services Ltd. and the client.

  • Disclaimer: Statement by SHCIL Services Ltd, absolving itself of any actions taken by external parties.

  • Investor Protection: Link to the ‘Investor Guide’ provided by the BSE on its website.
    In order to serve our valued clients, a Toll Free telephone no. 1800-228-650 has been provided. You may call on the said Toll Free number for any help or guidance. Alternatively, client may also call on regular telephone nos. (022) 61778628, (022) 61778616.
    Note: The SSL Online Trading ‘TradeAnywhere’ system is restricted to authorized users only. Any actual or attempted unauthorized access to these computer systems is subject to civil and/or criminal penalties. All activity is logged and monitored. Use of this system constitutes consent to security testing and monitoring. If you are not an authorized user of this system or do not consent to monitoring, please close this window and exit the system at this time.
    By clicking the 'I/WE ACCEPT' button,I/We confirm that I/We have read, understood and accepted the provisions of user manual, policy for SSL online trading, rules and regulations prescribed by respective Stock Exchanges, SEBI and any other regulatory bodies governing the Capital Markets w.r.t. online trading and also agree with the terms and conditions mentioned on SSL website in general and with respect to trading in ‘T’ and ‘TS’ group scrips, illiquid scrips, BTST trades in particular. I/We also confirm that the loss occurred to me/us due to trading done by me/us on online trading platform of SSL in contravention of any aforesaid rules, regulation and provisions of terms and conditions of online trading system.